we bring together some of the best educators in the country to lead our workshops. All of our instructors have classroom experience and value high quality professional development. We use a hands-on, challenge-based approach to maximize the amount of time that participants have working with the tools and apps. Participants leave our workshops armed with new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in their classrooms as soon as the school year begins.

New Sharda Pustak Samrat is an interactive, experiential workshop dedicated to help teachers and their students learn how to be more creative. We work with K-12 through University educators. For those seeking professional development workshops for teachers, we have developed a series of simple and effective exercises aimed at keeping the creative juices flowing both in the classroom and in one’s personal life.

With some other organization New Sharda Pustak Samrat offers, The Creativity Workshop has helped thousands of teachers and their students:

Develop creativity and innovation in math, IT, the arts, creative writing, languages, humanities and science.
Get over writers’ block and combat fears that stifle self expression and new ideas.
Employ the creative process to develop leadership and teamwork skills, as well as peer respect in the classroom.
Engage and focus each person’s innate curiosity and imagination to foster a lifelong love of learning.