E-Contents For School

The main emphasis to ICT developments over the last few years has necessarily been based on the provision of ICT resources, networking and Internet connections (NGfL). In recent times, emphasis has been placed on the training needs of teachers in using ICT (NOF ICT training). Current school developments in using Broadband technology will mean that schools will have more speedy access to the Internet.

Another component of this equation and a potentially limiting factor on some schools' current ICT work across subjects, is the extent to which the school can make available digital curriculum content and online course materials.

New Sharda Pustak Samrat a proven provider of document management system for document intensive markets. New Sharda Pustak Samrat allows you to compare different content proposals by analyzing certain variables like quality and comprehensiveness of content, ease of use, functionality, etc, providing a score for each.

This content will comply with the SCORM standard, so that teachers can modify the content to suit their individual requirement and local context. One of the highlights of these content is the examination module for both self-assessment as well as for preparing for formal exams.