Teacher Training

New Sharda Pustak Samrat offers pre-service and in-service training programmes for trained and untrained teachers in government and private schools, across rural and urban areas.

Our Teacher Training and School Education programme enables teachers who have no, little or some teaching experience, with technology tools and effective pedagogy techniques to make the teaching-learning experience in the classroom effective and enjoyable.

We leverage our expertise in providing resources, ideas, professional advice and techniques for teachers, to make the teaching and learning process effective. We strongly believe in ensuring that teachers acquire a higher order of teaching-learning, critical thinking, problem solving and creative skills by harnessing the power of integrated technologies and methodologies.

Our programme is strategically positioned to satisfy the huge need for effective and need-based teacher training programs (pre-service and in-service) across all states, particularly those where teacher training has not been given any focus in the past and literacy rates are low. This is especially relevant since the government of India is running multiple schemes and programmes for effective implementation of free and compulsory education for all children in India that fuels this demand.

We provide Teacher Training through some other organization on subject based and on demand.

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